Sponsorship License

You might need a sponsor licence to employ someone from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland to work for you in the UK. This includes unpaid work, eg if you run a charity. Sponsoring someone doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be allowed to come to or stay in the UK which obviously will depend on the outcome of their visa application.

At City Legal We help you to check your eligibity, choose the type of licence you want to apply for - this will depend on what type of worker you want to sponsor and advice you on all compliance requirement. You will have to decide who will manage sponsorship within your business & apply online . UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) may visit your business to check it’s suitable.

You’ll be given a licence rating if your application is successful & you’ll be able to issue certificates of sponsorship if you’ve jobs that are suitable for sponsorship. Your licence will be valid for 4 years. You may lose your licence if you don’t meet your responsibilities as a sponsor. To get a licence, you can’t have unspent criminal convictions for immigration offences or certain other crimes, eg fraud or money laundering or any history of failing to carry out your sponsorship duties. You’ll need appropriate systems in place to monitor sponsored employees which we can advice on.

Types of licence

The licence you need depends on whether the workers you want to fill your jobs are: • Tier 2 - skilled workers with long-term job offers • Tier 5 - skilled temporary workers You can apply for a licence covering either tier or both.

Tier 2

Tier 2 is for skilled workers who you want to employ long-term or permanently. It’s split into:

• General - the role must meet the job suitability requirements • Intra-Company Transfer - for multi-national companies which need to transfer employees to the UK • Minister of Religion - for people coming to work for a religious organisation (for up to 3 years) • Sportsperson - for elite sportspeople and coaches who will be based in the UK Tier 5 Tier 5 is for skilled workers you want to employ on a temporary basis. It’s split into: • Creative and Sporting - to work as a sportsperson (up to 1 year), entertainer or artist (up to 2 years) • Charity Worker - for unpaid workers (up to 1 year) • Religious Worker - for those doing preaching, pastoral and non-pastoral work (2 years) • Government Authorised Exchange - work experience (1 year), research projects or training, eg practical medical or scientific training (2 years) to enable a short-term exchange of knowledge • International Agreement - where the worker is coming to do a job which is covered by international law, eg employees of overseas governments

At City Legal, We can advice you on how to apply and comply with your sponsorship responsibilities. Call us and speak to an advisor now.