Boris Johnson calls for illegal immigrants to be granted amnesty after Brexit


The Foreign Secretary has suggested that offering amnesty to those who have avoided detection for 10 years would be economically beneficial. The idea which was raised at a meeting in Number 10 has been described as “insane” by one minister present.

Mr Johnson first argued for an amnesty in 2008 and he repeated the politically controversial idea during his time as Mayor of London.He raised the issue again during the referendum campaign and argued that offering amnesty would be “the humane thing to do.”

One senior minister told the Sun: “It’s an insane idea and would make ordinary Brits furious.Theresa May ruled out the introduction of amnesties during her time as Home Secretary, claiming it would send out “the wrong message”.

A spokesman for Mr Johnson said: “Boris reiterated what he has said publicly before about amnesties, including during the EU referendum campaign.

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