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SMS Retainer Packages

SMS Retainer Packages

Sponsor licence is granted for a duration of 4 years; during which the organisation is vested with numerous responsibilities to remain compliant with the licence obligations imposed by the Home Office.

At City Legal, we can assist the organisations with the ongoing burden of managing the sponsor licence and let them focus on the business by offering a fixed fee retainer service during the period of the sponsor licence grant. In addition to numerous services we offer as part of the package during the retainer period for the organisation; the organisation, it’s employees and their family members also get access to our discounted legal fees exclusive to their chosen retainer package throughout the period of agreement. In the long term, both the organisation and its employees can save a huge amount of money on legal fees by signing up to our retainer package.

Compare Retainer Plans

We have taken on board what our clients have been saying and developed a range of retainer packages designed to suit the varying size and complexity of our client’s businesses. The businesses will be advised by a dedicated fully qualified Immigration Lawyer for a fixed monthly fee. Please take a look at the services included in our different packages and pick the right one for your organisation.

SMS Level 1 User
SMS Level 2 User
SMS Key Contact
SMS Legal Representative
SMS Reporting
SMS Annual CoS Request
Immigration Law Updates
Immigration Advice – Telephone
Immigration Advice – Email
Immigration Advice – Face to Face
HR Guidance & Templates
Right to Work checks
Legal Fees Discount – Client
Legal Fees Discount – Employees
Legal Fees Discount – Family
Sponsor Licence Renewal
Compliance Mock Audit
Compliance Training Session
HR Management Software
Attendance Management Software
£100 per month
£150 per month
£250 per month
Retainer Fees

Our Retainer Packages are available from just £100 per month. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. We can tailor a package to suit any business needs and provide a written quote & agreement upon further discussions on organisation requirements and cost expectations. Our retainer service provides employers with unlimited access to our team of lawyers with certainty of cost. We can confidently offer our retainer service payable monthly by direct debit during the term of your sponsor licence grant, initially offered for a 12-month period with absolutely no obligation to renew beyond this period. We believe that Retainer Packages are the way forward for businesses obtaining legal advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum duration of Tier 2 General visa is upto six years unless an exemption applies. Individuals may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain after spending 5 years under this category, if they meet all other requirements.

Any individuals granted with Tier 2 general visa cannot have recourse to public funds and can only work for their sponsor in the job as described on the CoS. Voluntary and supplementary employment are permitted. Individuals with this leave can also study as long as it does not interfere with their main job. Individuals granted with a Tier 2 leave can undertake supplementary employment of no more than 20 hours per week in the same profession and level as their main job or on a profession under the shortage occupation list. This must be outside of their normal working hours.
Tier 2 Cooling off period refers to the 12 months period applicants have to wait before they can apply for a Tier 2 visa again to re-enter the UK. This triggers when an individual was previously sponsored under Tier 2 by any employer in the UK, and they have left the UK and their visa lapsed or expired. There is an automatic refusal failing to adhere to the cooling off period.
The minimum salary requirement is set out by the relevant SOC codes. The common SOC code used is 2444 Clergy and the minimum salary requirements or this SOC code is of national minimum wage requirements.
The new PBS skilled worker visa will not apply to any EU nationals living in the UK by 31 December 2020. EU nationals and their families are eligible to apply under EUSS scheme up until 30 June 2021 and employers may continue to accept Passports and National ID cards as evidence of right to work up until 30 June 2021. All EU nationals who enter the UK to work from January 2021 will need to apply for permission in advance.
Tier 2 Sponsor Licence
Sponsored workers at third party premises

In the new Guidance there is an important, and perhaps overlooked, point for employers who allow their sponsored workers to out any of their employment duties at a third party’s site

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