Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

cyprus eu citizenship

The Cyprus Government is welcoming well qualified individuals and families to participate in an exclusive Citizenship by Investment programme. This programme allows investors and their families to quickly gain EU Citizenship while undertaking a highly worthwhile investment.

With an investment of €2.0 to €5.0 million into the Cyprus economy, you and your family can get an EU passport and all of the benefits associated with it. In addition to being permitted to live and work anywhere in the EU, you are able to travel to over 120 countries without needing a visa for access. This opportunity is the fastest, easiest path to entry into the European Union.

Benefits of acquiring Cypriot (EU) Citizenship:

1. Passport of a Cyprus citizen is a full European Union passport.
2. Cypriot citizens enjoy the freedom to live, work, study and travel throughout all   member states of European Union.
3. The investor gets a Cyprus citizenship for all family and for all financially dependent children under the age of 28.
4. Upon the passport is issued the investor will have all rights and benefits like a Cypriot born person.
5. No need to live in Cyprus – Business opportunities and trading to 750 million EU Citizens.
6. The investor has a choice to sell the properties after 3 years and only retain one property (Residency) at the minimum value of €500,000. No capital gains apply if  investment is made from July 2015 to end of December 2016.
7. A Cypriot passport gives access to the excellent education in Cyprus or European Universities or  Collages. Cypriot citizens that secure places at the public universities are not subjected to any tuition fees as the entire undergraduate courses are free.
8. Cyprus allows dual citizenship. Dual citizenship offers an effective tool for international tax planning and provides financial privacy.
9. A Cypriot passport offers an insurance policy against political instability in the nearby regions.
10. Healthcare : Among the substantial benefits that the Cypriot citizenship provides with,  are healthcare rights.
11. Taxation : Cyprus is among the countries with the lowest corporate tax rate (12.5%). This is a great advantage for the expansion of business activities.
12. A Cyprus passport holder may travel to more than 150 countries without visa application.

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