David Cameron confirms Britain will act with its ‘head and its heart’ and accept thousands of refugees

Britain will act with its “head and its heart” by giving thousands of Syrian refugees safe passage to the UK, David Cameron has pledged.

The Prime Minister said Britain will “do more” becasue it has a “moral responsibility” to help refugees as it has throughout its history.

The UN refugee agency later said Britain will take 4,000 more Syrian refugees from Middle East camps, but Downing Street refused to confirm the figure.

Number 10 would only say that specifics would be given next week, but Mr Cameron said in a speech on Friday that Britain has donated more than any other European country to refugees who have fled Syria and has provided more than £900million in aid to help those affected in the region.

Speaking in Lisbon alongside the Portuguese Prime Minister, he said: “No European country has done more than Britain in this regard. Were it not for that massive aid, the numbers making the perilous journey to Europe today would be even higher.

“Britain will act with its head and its heart providing refuge for those in need while working on a long term solution to the crisis.

Mr Cameron said he will set out further details next week and the UK government will now discuss how many migrants Britain will take.

He added: “Britain will continue to work with partners to tackle the conflict in Syria, to provide support to the region, to go after the smuggling gangs exploiting these people and to save lives at sea.

“HMS Enterprise remains in the Mediterranean alongside the Border Force cutters and together with HMS Bulwark, they have now rescued more than 6700 people.”

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