Extended family member EU


Extended family members EU

 As definition Permanent residency refers to an immigration status of EU nationals living in UK. The person who acquires PR is allowed to reside indefinitely within a country of which he or she is not a citizen.

Permanent residency itself should be distinguished to right of abode, which waives the immigration control for such persons. Those having permanent residency still require immigration control if such do not hold a right of abode. However, a right of abode automatically grants those EU nationals permanent residency. This status also gives permission to work in most cases without restrictions.

Extended family members can also become permanently resident in UK after been here for at least 5 years legally.

There are two categories of family members i.e. Immediate Family members and Extended Family members. Following persons are considered as immediate family members of the EEA national:

  • Spouse / Civil Partner
  • Children under 21 years of age [including step / adopted children]
  • Dependent in the ascending line i.e. parents / grandparents of the EEA national or of his / her spouse / civil partner [They need to be financially dependent on the EEA national]/

Following are considered as extended family members:

Children above 21 years of age

  • Siblings
  • Cousins
  • Aunts
  • Uncles
  • Unmarried partners

The difference in both of these categories is that the immediate family members have got right to reside in the UK on the basis of their EEA national`s exercising his / her treaty rights in the UK while the extended family member have to meet a more strict criteria of prior residence with the EEA national out of the UK, financial dependency and other requirements.

Prior legal residence in the UK is not a requirement of this application and as such any one residing in the UK who  is an eligible extended family member of a qualified EEA national, is able to make an application under the EEA regulations.

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