Channel 4’s series” How to get a Council House” effectively demonstrates that the  migrants get an upper hand when it  comes to housing in the UK  and on the  other hand the British born people have to  struggle on the waiting lists .

In one of the latest episodes we see  how out of control EU migration is having a disastrous impact on Britain’s housing market. For instance a Romanian family of 7 ( 2 adults and 5 children) is shown arriving into the UK at Hounslow’s housing department demanding that they be housed, and after striving  for a couple of weeks in front of the camera , waling and gaining sympathy they are then within 2 weeks housed in a 4 bedroom house in Birmingham at a cost to the tax payer of £750 per month! And in total will likely be in receipt of over £60k in benefits per year! (includes £25k cost for schooling 5 children).

The episode further highlights other similar cases of migrants who have recently arrived  such as  a single adult from Bermuda, who expected to be housed, and a family of 3 from Poland and Africa, again expecting to be housed and granted housing by the end of the episode.

The Housing support officer in the end of the episode is asked  “Do you think they should have been housed”, to which he answers –

“I think it’s a yes, no answer, it does not always seem fair and in this case I think the verdict will be open, there will be some of you who will think, we’ll were glad for them. Others might think here’s another case of the system being exploited. “ 

Whereas on the other hand the  romanian male of the family of 7 only considers himself lucky and has no clue that there  is a housing shortage in Britain.

Well , it is certainly a  debatable question  whether it was a fair decision to give a house to these homeless people or was the system being exploited for apparently all the wrong reasons . 

The interesting episode ends with a crucial  statement from Hounslow’s Director of Housing  saying  – “We are seeing an increase in applications from overseas. We do not have the supply, we do not have the homes to put them in. The situation can only get worse and we will expect to see those numbers simply grow and grow.”

It is  therefore clear that eastern europeans know the tricks and the ways to jump ahead in the housing queue so as to achieve what British born people are unable to despite waiting for literally decades on worthless housing waiting lists. So when people say that migrants are being given priority over British people, well it is true for EU migrant families at least, for being homeless with children means that they are treated as PRIORITY CASES.

But unfortunately the same consideration is not given to the Brits , So  if Brit’s make themselves homeless so as to put pressure on the Council, then the Council tends to turn around and inform them that they cannot be helped because they have deliberately made themselves homeless!

 Facts reveal that all most all europeans migrating to Britain with  children are being given housing within 2-4 weeks and the British born people strive on the waiting lists for many years .

 Food for thought , what will have happen if the EU leaves the  UK , will there then be more council houses for the Brits or will they still be holding on the never ending waiting lists .


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