Illegal immigrants will be kicked out of Britain BEFORE they can appeal under new plans


ILLEGAL immigrants would be deported from Britain before they get a chance to appeal stopping thousands from prolonging their stay by lodging court reviews.

The reforms would mean that those who have entered the UK illegally or overstayed their visas would be sent home on a plane before any judicial review began.

The plans – which will be introduced by the Conservatives if they win the election – will stop thousands of immigrants from exploiting the court system to prolong their stays in Britain.

It is hoped that the crackdown will slash legal costs for lengthy appeal processes, saving taxpayers money.

The only exception would be for asylum seekers or foreigners who would face “irreversible” harm if sent back home to a dangerous country.

If they win the election, the Tories are also planning to put “rocket boosters” on current sanctions that remove benefits from immigrants who will not learn English.

Officials working for home secretary Theresa May have met with the Department of Work and Pensions to discuss how they could include housing and sickness benefits if the Tories are elected in May.

Doctors and nurses will also be forced to direct foreigners who cannot speak English to language courses.

Almost 800,000 immigrants in Britain admit they struggle with English or can’t speak it at all, official figures show.

They can currently claim up to £400 per week in housing benefits.

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