Immigration rules changes making Non-EU students life more difficult in UK

In the present scenario, International student’s life is getting more difficult in UK as David Cameron‘s tough rules on immigration. Non-EU students have more troubles in their academic and personal carrier in UK than before. Because of the sudden changes in immigration rules, students are facing tougher than ever visa requirements. Moreover, it is not easy for international student to survive in UK because of a conservative pledge to cut net migration by more than a third to 100,000 a year.

Professor Julius Weinberg Vice- chancellor of Kingston University says “These highly mobile entrepreneurial people will simply go elsewhere,” and Professor Maddalaine Ansell, chief executive of the University Alliance  says “Cameron’s stance could damage the competitiveness of the UK and We rely on skills — particularly high-level skills — in order to compete internationally “
Moreover this situation could drain could drain £2.3 billion from the economy in tuition fees and living costs, according to data from London First, a business group. In November, the amount of visa for the university students need will rise from £2040 to £11,385 and the new proposals to increase minimum wage requirement for visas that non-EU-students apply for after their addition to this, International students should have to go back home before applying for work visas, could make it even tougher for prospective students to live in UK when they complete their course.

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