Improved figures on Restricted CoS – Tier 2 for July

UK businesses wishing to sponsor and employ non-EU nationals in the UK will rejoice to hear that June’s dramatic refusal rate should be much reduced this month, with requests for restricted CoS which score 45 points or more and offer the prospective employee a salary of £32,000 being granted.

When compared to last month’s minimum salary requirement of £46,000, this is a considerable improvement for many of those wishing to sponsor migrant employees.

Last month, the migrant cap caused the rejection of countless restricted CoS requests by UK businesses last month. This document is essential to the hiring of non-EU staff in the UK and the high rejection rate caught many UK sponsor organisations off-guard as it was the first time that demand had outstripped supply since the inception of the Points-based System.

The situation, however, is far from being resolved. With the UK economy going from strength to strength, demand for overseas employees is constantly on the rise and showing no sign of slowing down.

To make matters worse, Home Secretary Theresa May has just announced plans which will throw yet more international graduates into the mix. This poses a stark challenge for the migrant cap which the Conservative government has vowed not to increase.

One thing, however, remains quite clear: the higher the salary stated on the restricted CoS, the higher the chances over the next few months of it being granted.

If your organisation has any concerns over your monthly allocation of restricted CoS, please contact City Legal Services  today.

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