Ireland Work Permit

Ireland Work Permit is an employment permit issued to a person which allows the individual to work in Ireland with the specified employer in an occupation where skills shortages exist. It is issued for an initial period of two years; after which it can normally be renewed as ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain)

Job offer with a bona-fide company registered for trading in Republic of Ireland is required. Without a Bona-fide registered company sponsorship in this category in Ireland will not be issued. This work permit allows an individual to apply for immediate family reunification and time spent under the permit will be counted towards permanent residency.

This Permit qualifies a candidate for residency after 2 years.


The employee must possess following qualifications, skills or experience for the desired employment.

  • Bachelors or Masters Degree from a renowned University.
  • Online University Degrees are also accepted. (If a candidate has an Online University Degree, we request the agent to first send us the documents. We will confirm from the company whether the documents will be accepted. After our confirmation only please confirm with the candidates)
  • Work Experience is not compulsory.
  • IELTS or any other English Qualification is not compulsory.


All the documents should be in color print and not copies of photocopies.

  • Passport Copy
  • Educational Certificates
  • CV with recent Work Experience
  • References (if you can provide)
  • Residential Proof (Any bill or lease Agreement under client’s name)
  • Photo ID (Driving license/ Voters Card preferable)


There are two categories of occupations under which the Green Card Scheme can be applied for:

The annual salary is €60,000 a year or more (excluding bonuses). In this case, the Green Card Permit is available for all occupations, other than those which are contrary to the public interest.

The annual salary is €30,000 – €59,999 (excluding bonuses). In this case, the Green Card Permit is only good for a restricted number of strategically important occupations.

Unlike UK; in Ireland legally a candidate is allowed to work is any company of his/her choice. He /She is not bound to the organization who sponsors. Candidate after 2/3 months can change the employer under this permit and secure themselves for residency.  Dependent can work full time through employee dependent card. We will help candidates completely throughout all the process.


To receive a Green Card Permit, an individual must have a job offer from a bona-fide company registered with the Companies Registration Office and the Revenue Commissioners.

The company must be trading in Ireland. The offer must be on company-headed  paper, dated within the previous sixty days, and the offer must be for a period of two or more years.

The Company Sponsor Letter will include following information:

  • Details of the Candidate
  • A full description of the proposed employment
  • Starting date of employment
  • Annual salary, not including bonuses
  • Information on required qualifications, skills or experience required for the employment

IRELAND Work Permit for NURSES

The Health sector in Ireland is in a constant boom. To exploit the scope created by such a scenario, we here at City Legal Services with a dedicated team of experts,assist with work permits to Ireland. Each year, many vacancies are offered by numerous employers. We are proud enough to state that countless aspirants have reached us and changed their destiny. If you have a GNM, BSc or MSc and at least one year of working experience you would be eligible to apply.

After all the correct documents are submitted, it normally takes around two to four months for the whole process. Ireland has introduced a Fast-Track ´Scientific Visa´ process and it now takes just around 2 to 4 weeks for the visa processing.

 If you would like to know more do not hesitate to give us a call as soon as possible.

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