New 24 hour Priority Visa Service at the UKVA Centre in Kazakhstan

Extending the Super Priority Visa Service to Astana  is great news for citizens of Kazakhstan who would like to avoid the hassle of long visa processing time when coming to the UK to visit or work. Last year UKVI issued over 15 thousands UK visas for Kazakhstani citizens.  The new service, which costs £750 in addition to the visa and User Pays fee, is aimed at those who want extra speed and flexibility. It is completely optional. The service can be used to apply for long term, multi-entry visas, valid for up to ten years, and also for long term study and work visas.

Welcoming the introduction of the Super Priority Visa Service, the Prime Minister said that the new 24 hour visa service will persuade more business travelers, investors and tourists to visit Britain, to trade with Britain and to expand in Britain. This is good news for British business and tourism, helping us to build a more resilient economy and secure a brighter future for Britain.

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