Poll Reveals that more than half favour immigration controls over trade


The findings come after Theresa May tells party activists “we will decide for ourselves how we control immigration”. More than half of Britons think having complete control over immigration policy is more important than access to the EU single market in Brexit negotiations, a Sky Data Snap Poll reveals.

Some 52% prioritise controlling immigration while 40% think access to the single market is more important – 7% answered “don’t know”.

The findings come as Theresa May hit the headlines with a conference speech seen as focusing on a “hard Brexit”, insisting “we will decide for ourselves how we control immigration”.The Prime Minister has also pledged to invoke Article 50 – formally triggering the process of Britain leaving the EU – by the end of next March, and to introduce a Great Repeal Bill to overturn the 1972 Act that took the UK into the Common Market in 1972.

Following her speech, the pound fell below $1.29, around the lowest it has been since the EU referendum result.As with the EU referendum vote itself, the Sky Data poll revealed a marked divide in opinion by age.Those aged 18-34 would prioritise the single market 57% to 38%, while those aged 55 or older prioritised border control 65% to 27%.

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