SMS Management

The employers would need to go through various steps to obtain a licence, including allocating ‘key personnel’ to be responsible for compliance with your licence obligations.

One of the ‘key personnel’ you will need to appoint, is a level 1 user. The level 1 user is the person with access to the Sponsorship Management System (SMS) – the gateway between you and UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). The level 1 user is responsible for keeping the day to day smooth running of your SMS and that at least, including applying for and assigning certificates of sponsorship, as well as renewing your licence to sponsor.

The UKVI recommends that you have more than one level 1 user to ensure the smooth running of your SMS and that at least one of your level 1 users is an employee. The other level 1 user can be a UK-based legal representative approved or exempted by the OISC. You may also wish to assign the role of level 2 user to us. Level 2 users have fewer permissions than level 1 users but can assign CoS to workers and report worker activity.

You are responsible for the actions of all key personnel, including representatives, so it’s important that you have confidence in the key personnel that you appoint.

Why Choose Us?

For a yearly retainer fee, we can act as your second level 1 user and/or level 2 user and offer the following:

  • Review messages and information posted on SMS and update you on this, where appropriate
  • Add or Remove level 1 and/ or 2 users
  • Apply for a Restricted CoS
  • Request an increase in the number of unrestricted Tier 2 CoS that you can assign each year
  • Assign Restricted or Unrestricted CoS
  • Advise you on renewal of your licence to sponsor within sufficient time and, if required, apply for a renewal, tracking the progress of any such application
  • Advise the UKVI of any minor changes to your details
  • Report migrant activity
  • Withdraw a CoS
  • Amend user details.

We can offer readily available advice and support to your organisation’s level 1 user and can provide cover for your level 1 user in the event of their unexpected absence. We can assist you in successfully maintaining your A-rated license to sponsor ensuring compliance obligation are met.

Please call our corporate Immigration team on 0330 058 3929 to obtain a tailored quote for appointing us as a Legal Representative / Level 1 user.