Sponsor License Revocation

All Sponsor Licence holders face the risk of suspension or revocation of their license if found to be non-compliant. This is a serious issue, and it cannot be stated strongly enough how important it is to avoid such adverse action being taken.

If your sponsor licence is revoked, any migrants you sponsor will have their leave curtailed. They will be given 60 calendar days to find alternative sponsorship or leave the UK. If they have less than 60 days to run on their visa it will not be curtailed, but they must find alternative sponsorship or leave the UK before it expires.

Reasons for revoking a sponsor licence include having given false information when you made your Sponsor Licence Application, employing a migrant in a job that does not meet the skill level requirements and using a CoS to fill a vacancy other than the one specified on the CoS you assign for that role. Human resource policy failures are a common reason for revocation.

There is no right of appeal against a decision to revoke a sponsor licence and you will not be allowed to apply for a sponsor licence again until the end of the appropriate cooling off period from the date your licence is revoked. However, our immigration lawyers can advise and assist you in submitting a pre action protocol if that is the appropriate remedy.

We have vast experience of working with employers facing a sponsor licence revocation. We can advise on the merits and strengths of your case, and advise on the most appropriate course of action. Depending on the alleged breach(es) and the wider circumstances of your case, it may be possible to seek a temporary downgrading of your licence which would permit existing Tier 2 workers to continue to be employed by you in the UK. In other cases, we can help you build your case to demonstrate that the revoked sponsor licence would have wider implications rendering the revocation a disproportionate measure.

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