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Gain post study work experience via a Tier 5 GAE Visa

Tier 5 Temporary Worker (Government Authorised Exchange) is intended to give international students the chance to gain post study work experience related to their course. International students can apply for a Tier 5 visa while they are in the UK before their Tier 4 visa expires, if they find an internship in the UK and employer that meet certain conditions. Under this visa, instead of the employer sponsoring (as required for Tier 2), there are a number of organisations who can act as sponsors and will sponsor their internship usually for up to 12 months provided it meets their requirements for sponsorship.

Sponsor monitors both the intern and the company with spot checks and audits to ensure that both parties meet the requirements set by the Schemes and the Home Office.

Although there are some variations in the different schemes, in general the internship should meet the following conditions to qualify for sponsorship:

– Hold a valid passport, good immigration records, and no criminal records.
– Internship must be between 3 and 12 months, with minimum 20 hours per week to full time.
– Be paid at least National Minimum Wage.
– Must have completed their studies within 3 years and have graduated with minimum of bachelor’s degree.
– The internship role must be on NQF Level 3 or above.
* If applying to switch in the UK from Tier 4 to Tier 5 GAE, the internship role must be directly related to their most recent degree.*

A Tier 5 internship is for a maximum of 12 months and the candidate MUST return to his or her home country; however, if there were to be a career progression in both the job position and salary with the same employer or a different company, the candidate can apply for another Tier 5 visa, but the maximum period of time the candidate can stay on Tier 5 GAE visa in the UK is 24 months.

A migrant sponsored under a Tier 5 GAE scheme is allowed to do a part time “supplementary” job only if it meets the following criteria:

• must be in either a job on the shortage occupation list in Appendix K of the Immigration Rules or a job in the same sector and at the same level as the work for which the Certificate of Sponsorship was assigned;

• must be no more than 20 hours per week;

• must be outside of your normal working hours for which your Certificate of Sponsorship was assigned.

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