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New immigration and nationality fees for 2016 to 2017

Yesterday, on January 11th, the government set out their new proposed adjusted fees for visas, immigration and nationality applications and correlated premium services for 2016/2017. The fee changes will apply after further legislation is laid in Parliament by April this year.

The new legislation will set maximum levels on the amounts for broad categories of fees that can be charged by the Home Office over the next 4 years. The government made clear that there are no current plans to raise fees to the maximum levels.

Intent for these new changes is that by 2019/2020 border, immigration and citizenship system is self-funded by those who use it and that we slowly reduce taxpayers contributions to the system.

Fees for all sponsorship categories will stay at the current rates.

The main changes are:

  • small increases (2%) for visit, study and work visas
  • fees for settlement, residence and nationality will increase by 25% in 2016–17
  • targeted increases have been applied to premium services, such as the priority visa service

If you would like to know more about the new fees for applications, they can be found in the fees table.



Transit Visa Reform

Transit visas are being reformed, closing a loophole that allowed abuse. Other technical changes are also being implemented across the rules to tackle abuse while enhancing the United Kingdom’s status as an excellent place to do business. In particular, the Tier 1 (investor) route is being reformed following recommendations from the Migration Advisory Committee. The minimum investment threshold will be raised from £1m to £2m.  The Government will also consult further on what sort of investment the route should encourage in order to deliver real economic benefits, and other improvements to the route.  A consultation document will be published in due course.

For full details of the changes please see the Statement of Changes and Explanatory Memorandum at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/statement-of-changes-to-the-immigration-rules-hc693-16-october-2014