Theresa May commits Tories to cutting net migration to the UK to the tens of thousands


Theresa May said the Conservatives will commit to reducing net migration to the UK to tens of thousands.

The Prime Minister said she wanted to deliver “sustainable numbers” of people coming to Britain and defined that number as being less than 100,000.

Speaking to Sky News, Mrs May said: “We have been very clear, as I was as Home Secretary for six years, that it is important that we have net migration that is in sustainable numbers.

Should international students be included in migration reduction targets?
Yes, —– we need to reduce all types of immigration
“Obviously leaving the European Union means we can bring in control in relation to people moving from the EU into the UK as well as people from outside the EU coming into the United Kingdom.”
“It’s about making sure that we can deliver where industries need skills where the brightest and best want to come to Britain.”
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