Tremendous increase in Immigration fees

The Home Office did a massive 25% increase in already high immigration application fees for families for the year 2016-17. New fees start from 6th April 2017.

Family and spouse visas will now cost £1,195 and the fee for Adult Dependant Relatives is going up to £2,676. The fee for a settlement application within the UK will increase to £1,875. British citizen naturalization fees for adults will increase to £1,156 and child registration fees to £936, which also represent 25% increases.

By comparison, a large multinational company applying for a Tier 2 sponsor licence to enable it to recruit foreign workers needs to pay a fee of £1,476. This fee is not being increased.

Other fees for visit, study and work visas will increase by only 2% and a new 2 year visit visa for Chinese nationals is being introduced for only £85.

A new £25 fee for processing invalid applications is also to be introduced. At the moment, any fee paid for an invalid application is refunded. New premium rate phone lines for status checks (for landlords and employers, presumably) are also to be introduced costing as much as £1.23 per minute.

The increases are not unexpected (Immigration fees to increase further still). The Home Office is attempting to make immigration control self funding. The choices made by Ministers as to where the highest fees should fall are telling, though. High fees have a deterrent effect and are simply unaffordable for some families. It is clear that it is family migration, not business migration, the Government wants to reduce. Little did we know that family “values” is a reference to financial cost rather than morality.

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